The Theatre School

Oliver graduated from Park Tudor School in 2019. While at Park Tudor, Oliver mainly focused his elective classes, orchestra, computer science, and technical theatre. Oliver played the cello for 2-3 years before switching to string bass in 7th grade and played that until he graduated. Oliver's favorite classes were his computer science classes and took every one the school offered, all the way to AP CS. He also enjoyed his theatre tech classes even though he was unable to take it as often as he had liked. During his senior year he applied to DePaul University as a Computer Science major but before classes began, during the incoming students tour, he asked if he could go look at The Theatre School that he had heard about. After touring the theatre school, he decided that this is what he wanted to do instead of computer science. He switched majors to Sound Design before classes had even began.


Oliver's 1999 BMW E46 328i

Oliver is currently years old. He was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. Oliver has one cat named Ninja and she is years old. She is a chonky girl and enjoys getting treats and pets from humans. When Oliver has free time, he enjoys doing a plethora of different things. He enjoys driving and working on his car, hanging out with his friends from high school online, and flying the Bonanza with his father! Oliver also enjoys working on and in his homelab to create fun and interesting programming projects to run in said homelab!